Do You Love The UK Charming Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition On Steve McQueen’S Wrist?

Any watch brand would love to claim a truly “iconic” chronograph in their lineup, but TAG Heuer arguably has a couple, among which is the famous square-cased Monaco. When (pre-TAG) Heuer launched the Monaco back in 1969, it was the first Swiss-made automatic chronograph that was square and water-resistant. Now, they have revealed the TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition that specifically recalls Steve McQueen’s role in making the Monaco famous.

The Heuer Monaco found fame after Steve McQueen sported it on his wrist during his appearance in the 1971 film, Le Mans. In that same movie, McQueen’s character is sponsored by Gulf Oil, and you’ll see that his white livery also sported the blue and orange stripes, as in the famous picture above. So the red second hand fake TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition is inspired not only by the original Heuer Monaco, but also by Steve McQueen and his character in Le Mans. TAG Heuer says it is also a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Gulf racing stripes and its role in motor racing.

At its essence, the steel case fake TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition has remained true to the original. For example, the crown is still on the left of the watch case, there is a highly domed sapphire crystal, and the dial is blue with a sunray-brushed finish. It is powered by the TAG Heuer Calibre 11 which is very similar to the movement found in the original Monaco with the benefit of modern production methods and tolerances. The Calibre 11 provides 40 hours of power reserve and beats at 4Hz. It is a time-tested and reliable movement and, much like the Calibre 1861 is to the Speedmaster, it is indelibly linked to the Heuer Monaco.

The steel case is 39mm in diameter but being square in shape means it wears much larger than you might think. The bezel and case both have alternating brushed and polished finishing to give the case some visual interest. Unlike the original Monaco, the pushers in the Gulf Special are square, which I think fits the aesthetic of the watch much better. As mentioned earlier, the watch has a highly domed and beveled sapphire crystal. This was one of the hallmarks of the original Monaco from 1969 and one of the features that helped it to be water-resistant. Speaking of water-resistance, the TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition is rated to 100m, even with its display caseback (which wonderful fake TAG Heuer has not provided an image of at the moment).

While the movement and case are similar to many Monaco re-issues and special editions we’ve seen before, the dial is where this version stands out. The base of the dial is the original dark blue with a sunray brush as one would find on the original Heuer Monaco. The gulf stripes are then applied to the right half of the dial. While the decision to have the stripes off-centre makes sense given that’s how the Gulf stripes are applied on cars and livery, I suspect this may prove to be a love-hate design element with collectors who demand symmetry.


Thee two subdials for running seconds at 3:00 and the chronograph minutes at 9:00 are again square in shape with a silver opaline finish. The silver opaline gives the sub-dials a nice sharp contrast and with the black baton hands, makes legibility a breeze. The primary hands and the hour markers are rhodium plated and filled with Super-LumiNova. The chrono seconds hand has no luminous material but is lacquered red which suits it well. Finally, there is the date wheel at 6:00 and the Gulf logo right above it. The brand logo, and usual complement of text is found in the usual spots as the other TAG Heuer Monaco watches. My least favorite element of the dial is perhaps the rhodium markers that are applied outside the chapter ring. These are the silver horizontal indices that start off long at the top and bottom of dial and shorten as they reach the middle. However, this is consistent with the original design and collectors may appreciate that the watch has stayed true to its roots.

Rolex, James Cameron, And The Wonderful UK Fake Rolex Deepsea Challenge

The replica Rolex Deepsea 116660 is often referred to as “the James Cameron watch,” because it is modeled after the timepiece worn by the Academy Award winning director during his Deepsea Challenge expedition in 2012. Cameron became the first person to make a solo descent in a custom-designed submersible vessel into the Mariana Trench.


The Mariana Trench is located in the Pacific Ocean and is the deepest known part of the world’s oceans. The deepest point in the trench is known as Challenger Deep and lies nearly 7 miles (11,000m) below the surface. Just as a comparison, if Mount Everest were set in the trench, it would still be submerged about 1.3 miles (2,000m) underwater.

Cameron helped co-design the submersible known as the Deepsea Challenger, which wore the specially-designed experimental delicate replica Rolex Deepsea Challenge, on its robotic arm during the descent. Cameron, a passionate deep sea diver, was the first person to complete this descent since the 1960 Trieste mission, and the only person to complete the dive on a solo mission. The first dive into the Mariana Trench also used an experimental Rolex Oyster model, known as the Deep Sea Special, which survived the record depth of 35,814ft (10,916m) and returned to the surface in perfect working order. This achievement remained unrivalled for more than half a century until Cameron’s descent.

The steel case fake Rolex Deepsea Challenger was built in partnership with both Rolex and the National Geographic Society, and Cameron produced a documentary about his expedition called the Deepsea Challenge 3D in 2014. You can view the trailer below.

This newer model boasts 12,800ft (3900m) of water resistance. The black dial replica Rolex is equipped with the Rolex Caliber 3135 self-winding mechanical movement and is affixed to the classic Rolex oyster-style bracelet with an Oysterlock clasp. The model features a helium escape valve, which protects the sapphire crystal from cracking when a pressure differential is detected. This feature allows the inside of the watch to reach equilibrium by allowing the helium gas to safely escape as the user reemerges from the dive.

What’s Your Favorite Metal? The Gold Fake Rolex Watches Or The Stainless Steel Replica TAG Heuer?

Metal is among mankind’s most earth-shattering discoveries. Harnessed from the earth and perfected in fire, it can be shaped, molded, and mixed into alloys for a whole host of applications ranging from skyscrapers to timepieces.

Take gold, for example. It’s been valued as one of the most precious metals on earth, captivating our imagination since our earliest days of civilization. Shiny, malleable, and heavier than most, this element has peaked our interest for thousands of years. It has adorned kings, inspired expeditions, stabilized economies, and drove technology. From an elaborate crown to a an elegant watch, gold has played it’s part as a status symbol in the ever changing social web of human culture.


Beyond gold there is a chart of what may be considered to be more practical and durable substances; many of which have been engineered, perfected, and crafted into alloys perfected for any desired application.


Among these metals are Stainless Steel and Titanium alloys. Beside their superiority in commercial and military use, manufactured steels now make up the majority of what encompasses timepiece cases, bracelets, and movements of today. These materials of those excellent replica watches are more resistant to friction, corrosion, and have higher melting points; they also have a tendency of being far more affordable. While it is understood that luxury goes hand in hand with the price tag, it would be worthy to note that the polish of a fine stainless steel (or it’s slightly more pricey yet lighter relative, titanium) can often replicate the near identical gloss and warmth commonly associated with other precious metals. It is nearly impossible to tell the difference in metallic composition of a gold case fake Rolex watch crafted out of solid platinum, or a fancy replica TAG Heuer timepiece composed of polished stainless steel. Both look to be made of the same material to the untrained eye.

While these are not groundbreaking or alarmingly new discoveries, it could be considered “food for thought” when considering springing for a new men’s or ladies timepiece. There is a market for every budget, preference, and style, and a whole host of manufacturers create timepieces using stainless steel, titanium, argentium, tungsten carbide, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even platinum. Many manufactures offer versions combining metals. Replica Breitling, replica Baume et Mercier, and replica Cartier, for example, have many models which have a combination of steel and gold cases and bracelets. Charming Rolex fake watches have other subtle combinations, such as having white gold fluted bezels installed on stainless steel timepieces.