Why So Many People Buy UK Black Fake Rolex Submariner Watches Instead Of The Green Ones?

When talking about Rolex, that must be mentioned Submariner. And among all these Rolex Submariner watches, the green one and the black ones are more popular. If comparing these two, the green ones are hotter than the black ones. However, the black Rolex Submariner watches get more sales, why? Let’s see it together.

For more production

It is all said as that green fake Rolex Submariner watches are hard to buy, for the less production. So most of people would buy the black one instead of the green one.

For the low price

For the scarcity of the green one, the price has become higher and higher. So, for most of people, if they are not deeply fond of green fake Rolex Submariner watches, they may choose the lower priced replica black ones.

For the low-key appearance

Although the green fake Rolex Submariner watches are more popular that the black ones, there still are some people who just like the composed and low-key black fake Rolex than the stylish green ones. People who are just not like to be swanking may choose the black ones.