The First Page Of 10 Things to Know About TAG Heuer Replica Watches UK

TAG Heuer is one of the world’s leading luxury watch brands, offering a strong history of innovation, deep connections with sports timing and automobile racing, and more recently, a series of groundbreaking developments in the field of ultra-fast mechanical chronographs, an innovative tourbillon watch priced under $20,000, and the launch of a luxury smartwatch. Here are 10 other things you should know about TAG Heuer.

  1. Sporting Roots

Heuer Watch Company was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer. His first watchmaking workshop was located in St-Imier, in the Swiss Jura region. The company soon built a reputation for quality workmanship and precision timekeeping. That, coupled with a series of technical innovations dating to the 1880s, led the company to become a specialist in the field of timing sporting events.

During the 1920s, TAG Heuer copy watches with Swiss mechanical movements were used at the Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam Olympics. In 1933, the brand launched the Autavia, the first dashboard stopwatch for race cars. Other more famous developments receive individual attention below. The affinity with precision timekeeping in sports, and with automobile racing in particular, continues to this day.

In 1985, Heuer was acquired by TAG Group (Holdings) S.A. TAG is an abbreviation for Techniques d’Avant Garde. TAG Group combined the TAG and Heuer brands to create the TAG Heuer company we know today. LVMH purchased the TAG Heuer subsidiary in 1999.

  1. Simplifying the Chronograph

Back in the days when good engineering trumped marketing concerns, movement designers sought to develop calibers with fewer moving parts, to make them more reliable and easier to service. In 1887, Edouard Heuer developed and patented the oscillating pinion, which simplified the chronograph. This construction is still used by major movement manufacturers today.

In a nutshell, the pinion couples and decouples the chronograph, or stopwatch, mechanism and the regular timekeeping gear train that powers it. The pinion replaced a more complex system, simplifying manufacturing, assembly, adjustment, and service, all while delivering excellent timekeeping and reliability. This development allowed more mechanical TAG Heuer fake watches to be produced at a lower cost, which sounds like a win all the way around.

To be continued…

UK New Exquisite Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Lune Replica Watches Review – How’S The New One?

At SIHH 2017, Swiss Parmigiani debuted a new version of their best-selling Tonda 1950 collection with a moonphase-equipped variant known as the Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Lune. Offered in a a steel case, the watch seeks to blend value and complexity, for an attractive dress watch with some horological nerd appeal.
The watch industry today is facing a series of value crises. One of them is finding the right type of watch for the right type of price that today’s consumers are keen to purchase. Ending are the days of exotic high-complication mechanical watches that don’t seem to solve a need or fit any particular audience. Parmigiani and other brands have had to re-think their approach to blending simplicity with the mechanically fascinating, in luxury items best-suited for today’s buying environment when it is very much a buyer’s market.

The delicate fake Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Lune is a safe bet playing on the cyclically popular theme of producing elegant time + moonphase watches. Of course here, the Tonda 1950 also has the date. Such watches are appealing because they are practical with just enough emotional appeal (the moonphase complication) to satisfy those who want to wear something that reminds them of why they love high-end watches, but isn’t overly decadent or excessive.

For whatever reason, I neglected to take pictures of the rear of the watch while meeting with black dial fake Parmigiani back at SIHH 2017. This tends to happen in the overly-rushed atmosphere of trade show meetings. The movement inside of the Tonda 1950 Lune is the in-house made Parmigiani caliber PF708 automatic, which is of course lovely and visible through the sapphire crystal window on the back of the watch. The PF708 is a variant of the PF702 automatic which sits in the more simple time-only versions of the Tonda 1950 – though it adds a few complications and some thickness to the case.

The PF708 automatic movement is finely decorated and operates at 3Hz (21,600 bph) with 48 hours of power reserve. I’m not entirely sure why it isn’t a 4Hz movement, but these days that doesn’t seem to matter too much. The movement builds upon the time with subsidiary seconds layout of the PF702 by adding a date complication, along with a prominent moonphase indicator window under 12 o’clock. Parmigiani once again offers an “open” date window with a few visible numerals that looks like a small grin at the bottom of the dial. Detailing is excellent, but one must ask themselves whether the date window needed to be so large, as well as if it would not have looked more attractive with the date disc being darker in color to match the opaline black dial.

The moonphase indicator has a “double window” which means both halves of the moonphase indicator disk are visible. This looks cool but offers limited utility. The idea is that you can see the phase of the moon as it looks in both the northern and southern hemisphere of Earth. This is neat, but of course they are simple mirror images of one another. Thus, this is mostly an aesthetic choice as opposed to something which is really practical. With that said, few people argue that a moonphase indicator window is practical – as this complication is mostly emotional (and pretty).

One design wrinkle that I actually like is the added text around the moonphase indicator window (the moon representations are in rose gold) which allows you to better read the information. You not only get a lower scale of the number of days left for that moon cycle, but also “New, First Quarter, Full, and Last Quarter” markers for the phase of the moon. Assuming the watch keeps running, the moonphase indicator only needs to be adjusted once every three years. Not the most accurate on the market, but it isn’t as though collectors are clamoring for ultra-precise moonphase indicators – for them it is all about the sex appeal of the look. Some people will surely complain that this is simply unnecessary text on the dial – they have a point. With that said, there are so many moonphase complication watches on the market that offering something just a bit different and interesting to the eye is a virtue for Parmigiani.

Like the standard three hand Tonda 1950, the Tonda 1950 Lune has a 39.1mm wide round case – which looks great, isn’t too small, and has lots of distinctive Parmigiani brand DNA in the design. Given the added module for the complications, the case is about 2mm thicker at 9.6mm in total thickness with 30 meters of water resistance. This actually helps the watch feel a bit more substantial for those who feel that 39mm wide is on the smaller side of what they typically prefer. Like I said, as a dress watch with some masculine appeal, the Tonda 1950 Lune is a logical choice.

Another design difference to help compensate for the thicker case is a larger crown, which assists with the feeling of harmonious proportions overall. Over the dial is a domed sapphire crystal – which like many domed sapphire crystals does suffer from some glare due to a lack of top-applied AR-coating. Parmigiani replica with white gold case is by no means alone in not putting AR-coating on the top side of a crystal (even though the bottom side has it). They fear that the coating will scratch off and that the watch will then look bad. This is actually less of a problem these days, and I’m increasingly putting pressure on brands to address the issue of glare by getting vigilant with their suppliers. This needs to end in the area of high-end timepieces. An end to glare (for all who care)!

On the wrist, the Tonda 1950 Lune is comfortable and attractive with its black alligator Hermès strap. As a dress watch, it is soothing on the eyes but also a bit different, which is good. It also has some masculinity to it which I feel is important to note since the black leather strap replica Parmigiani Tonda 1950 is both a men’s and women’s model – and the Lune is more for men only in my opinion.

UK Delicate Hublot Big Bang Unico Magic Gold Replica Watches Review – Just How Magical Is It?

Do you remember when Hublot was all about “the art of fusion?” To this day, I can easily recall one of the many characteristic instances when Jean-Claude Biver started shouting at his audience with great enthusiasm about Hublot and “fuuusion,” where different materials and ideas come together to create something new. I also recall being very impressed by this novel, expensive, and consistently innovative approach that was new not just for replica Hublot, but any major luxury brand as well. I had to wait until now, though, to have a watch in for review that featured what I expect to prove itself as the greatest achievement of Hublot’s dedication to fusion: Magic Gold, their proprietary gold that “cannot be scratched.” So, my curiosity has at last been cured by spending some quality time with the complicated movement replica Hublot Big Bang Unico Magic Gold watch, and I couldn’t wait to see just how magical it really was.

Hublot And Its Love Of Fusion

This whole “the art of fusion” thing appears to have taken the backseat a bit as JCB’s attention is now delegated not exclusively to Hublot but also enjoyed by Zenith and TAG Heuer. These two, in fact, needed his guidance more than Hublot which has been so much more consistent than its “historical” brethren inside the luxury group LVMH.

The “fusion” approach began for Hublot with the earliest Big Bangs and their then-outrageous merging of a full gold watch with a rubber strap – this unusual coming together of materials was a heresy comparable to the Royal Oak’s 1972 coming in steel and costing what it did. Steel luxury watches have for long been completely normal when the gold-rubber combination of the brown leather strap replica Hublot caused turmoil among luxury watch lovers… and yet, today, you can walk into any high-end watch store and find a wide range of watches from multiple brands that they will offer for sale in gold, but on a rubber strap.

As they grew, largely thanks to JCB’s marketing genius, Hublot soon had more resources – financial and intellectual – to develop its own niche as being “the brand of fusion.” Credit where credit’s due, Hublot’s success does not only come from a marketing strategy comparable to WWII carpet bombing, but also from merging consistent and, hence, widely recognizable design (which most luxury watch buyers want as, admit it or not, people want others to see how much greenback they dropped on a watch) with bold, new, refreshing ideas and executions.

And while by now Hublot’s fusion approach has given us the gold watch on a rubber strap, we’ve also seen the cool but remarkably confusing idea of a non-transparent-transparent watch in black sapphire (hands-on here), a fake Hublot Classic Fusion with a concrete bezel, and watches in blue Texalium (hands-on here) – oh, and one very funny April Fool’s article where many actually believed Hublot did a “fusion watch” with a tiny amount radioactive uranium.

Hublot has its own proprietary recipe for its success, but elements of that recipe were clearly not tuned to prioritize the taste of the hardcore, traditionalist watch enthusiast. In other words, many other brands, by doing the same thing over and over and over again, make it much easier for “purists” to like them, while Hublot, in truth, doesn’t seem to be bothered that much and would rather do as much in 10 years as many others do in 100 (if ever).

However, if you look at that previous and, mind you, not even remotely complete list of Hublot’s achievements in pushing the boundaries of what a watch can be and/or is accepted to be made from, you’ll see that they try much harder than the majority of others – and the most serious achievement of all this self-imposed busyness is Magic Gold, a gold that “cannot be scratched.”

Magic Gold – How It’s Made

It has a catchy name, that much is immediately apparent. Most things “Magic” in the life of the ordinary human (myself) include washing powder, non-chargeable batteries, and anything made in Mainland China with a retail price below $5. So, “Magic Gold” sounds just as controversial as it is for a luxury brand to use the term “Magic.” But, unlike the aforementioned items, Magic Gold truly verges on being magical when compared to regular precious metals. Here’s how it came to be.

It was in 2011 that Hublot unveiled its Magic Gold, a scratch-resistant gold that is both certified as 18k by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control, and has a hardness rating of about 1,000 Vickers – 18k gold is 400 Vickers and most types of hardened steel are 600 Vickers. In the words of Mr. Biver, “You can have a [Magic Gold] watch and wear it for any sport, any use, it will just not scratch. It never ever will scratch. It will constantly look totally polished, as new (…), not scratch-able – only diamond can scratch it.” Further, Magic Gold used for the exquisite fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Magic Gold will never oxidize and weighs less – but more on that latter property in a bit.

Hublot worked with the Swiss Polytechnique School of Lausanne (EPFL) to develop Magic Gold and by early 2014, Hublot had developed and installed its own, fully integrated gold foundry inside their manufacture in Nyon, Switzerland. So, although the know-how was more or less ready in late 2011, it took Hublot over two years to bring it to a stage of volume production.

At Hublot’s opening event for its foundry in 2014, Andreas Mortensen, professor at EPFL, described the project as “fun” but also highlighted some interesting details. They were not allowed to use any coatings in creating a gold alloy that is visually interesting and “makes absolute technical sense.” Not a whole lot more in the project was defined, just the goal of “If you guys could make gold really hard, that would be great” – yes, that’s an actual quote.

UK New Wonderful Frederique Constant Flyback Chronograph Manufacture Replica Watches Review

The fake Frederique Constant Flyback Chronograph Manufacture represents the brand’s recent efforts to develop high quality in-house movements with complications at a very reasonable price point. While haute horologerie is a bit of a stretch, this movement, along with the in-house perpetual calendar found in the Manufacture Perpetual Calendar, is an impressive achievement for the brand and its technical team.

The caliber FC-760 is a modular movement with a column wheel activated flyback chronograph complication. To reset and start a traditional chronograph, you have to first stop it with the top pusher and then reset it using the bottom pusher. The flyback functionality circumvents this and you can reset the hands to zero while it’s still running. This is useful when you have to time successive intervals with minimal delay, like lap times on a race track for example. The other interesting feature of the flyback module, is the column wheel.

Generally considered to be superior to cam activation, a column wheel mechanism is also more expensive to manufacture, especially in this case as black dial fake Frederique Constant uses a patented star-shaped column wheel which it claims provides a smoother operating feel while using fewer parts. I reckon that the motivation behind simplifying the mechanism is not just for bragging rights, but to also increase the robustness of the movement and make it easier to service and maintain, something modular chronographs are not well known for.

Frederique Constant has also realized that good watchmaking is equal parts sound mechanics and refined design/finishing. The movement is well decorated with perlage, Geneva stripes, and heat-blued screws, which are not often seen at this price point. A rose-gold plated steel rotor tops off the entire movement, which is of course visible through a sapphire crystal case back. My only concern with the movement is its relatively low power reserve of 38 hours, but it’s forgivable here considering the overall value.

While the movement is definitely where most of the interesting bits of the watch are, the dial and the rest of the watch aren’t far off. The white dial replica Frederique Constant Flyback Chronograph Manufacture watch is immediately recognizable as a dressy chronograph suitable for daily wear. The refined dial, with baton indexes and lumed alpha hands, makes for a tasteful presentation. While the dial layout is similar to a three register chronograph, a closer look will reveal that the sub-dial at 6 o’clock is not an hour totalizer but a date display. I think this was a smart design choice as a date window would have definitely ruined the overall aesthetic of the watch, especially if they had placed it at 4:30 like we’ve seen in many other chronographs.

The dial is completed by a railway track chapter ring and a rather minuscule pulsometer scale. The addition of the pulsometer offers little utility and I can’t help but feel that the watch would be just as good, if not better with it left off. The dial is offered in three variants; silver, dark gray, and silver with a hobnail texture. The hobnail textured dial is the black sheep of the group and comes with Roman numeral indexes instead of batons, Breguet hands, and no pulsometer scale.

All of this is housed in a 42mm case, offered either in stainless steel or rose-gold plated stainless steel options. The rectangular chronograph pushers and fluted crown help complete the dress watch look. While the bezel on the case is thin and leaves the dial in the limelight, the lugs are interestingly finished with a brushed top, polished sides, and for lack of a better way to describe it, have a perlage edge instead of the usual sharp edge. This lug design, with the thin but rounded case helps slim down the appearance of the watch, making it look smaller on the wrist than you might expect. The watch has a 50m water resistance rating, which can be seen as somewhat of a standard for dress watches.

While all available combinations of dial and case look good, my favorite is the stainless steel version with a dark gray dial. Unfortunately, the steel with dark gray dial and rose-gold with silver hobnail dial are not available within the US. All watches ship with an alligator leather strap and a rather unique looking deployant. I should mention here, that the same movement within a functionally similar watch is available from Alpina (which is owned by Frederique Constant), in the guise of the delicate fake Frederique Constant Alpina 4 Flyback Chronograph. However, the prices are not far off from each other, and this looks significantly better in my opinion.

The Longines Record Collection UK Fake: Watchmaking Expertise Stamped With The COSC Seal

This year, Longines is celebrating its 185th anniversary, and is taking the opportunity to present its new Record collection. In the Saint-Imier company’s purest watchmaking tradition, these automatic Longines replica watches combine classic elegance and excellence, aspiring to become the spearheads of the brand. And there is no shortage of arguments for these exceptional timepieces, whose movement includes a single-crystal silicon balance spring with unique properties.

A first for Longines, it is certified as a “chronometer” by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), a designation awarded to all of the pieces in the Record collection. It seems the destiny of some timepieces has already been mapped out. Through its new Record collection, Longines Record copy watches with Swiss mechanical movements convey the essence; one of timeless elegance and excellence.

Qualities that are sure to raise these models to the rank of future success of the brand, as a link between tradition and innovation. A decidedly classic collection, which is expressive and emblematic of Longines’ watchmaking expertise.

Behind this ambitious profile, is an exceptional heart. This heart is the balance spring, the watch’s regulating organ. Coupled to the balance, it oscillates around its equilibrium position, ensuring its fundamental purpose: to beat with extreme regularity. Yet, between magnetism, temperature variations and wear and tear (many hundreds of millions of “breaths” per year), everything seems to be working against its smooth operation.

For increased accuracy and longevity, Longines decided to add single-crystal silicon balance spirals to its best movements —– a resistant and light material that is inoxidizable and unaffected by standard temperature variations, magnetic fields and atmospheric pressure. A high-tech heart housed in a timepiece created in the purest watchmaking tradition! Such excellence deserves recognition. Based on their high accuracy, all of the elegant Longines replica watches have received the COSC’s “chronometer” certificate.

Equipped with automatic calibres, all of the pieces were tested one by one by this neutral independent organization, and can thus display the CHRONOMETER label stamped on their dial. Bestowed with significant added value, these certified “chronometers” achieve the status of authentic, exceptional Longines fake watches.

New UK Richard Mille RM 039 Tourbillon Aviation E6-B Flyback Chronograph Fake Watches In 2017

The fake Richard Mille RM 039 Tourbillon Aviation E6-B is one baffling watch. I mean, I am struggling to fathom how and why this incredibly complicated watch came to be, who the 30 people are that this million-dollar watch is for, and how 95% of its functions can ever possibly be used if you are not a trained pilot. Still, I went hands-on with it and pushed myself to try and understand it a bit more, and guess what, it actually had a few neat details up its sleeve to sort of work as rewards throughout the process.

Watches. Since we watch enthusiasts see so many of them all the time, we think we can judge after a first glimpse. To start with an obscure, rather than explicit feature of the RM 039, this watch sort of goes against all of that as it exemplifies why giving time to your eyes to see, your hands to feel, and your brain to think is a good idea before jumping to conclusions.

We’ll leave the 740-component movement for a bit later and start with the bonkers exterior. Off the bat, the RM 039 looks ridiculously massive – its round-ish case measures 50mm across and 19.40mm thick. The way it feels is a different story, however. Give it a better look and you’ll realize that it is more of a 45-46mm round watch that doesn’t even extend beyond the edges of my small, 6.75″ wrist. Yes, the 50mm adds up if you measure the watch across its bolstered case sides, but between 12 and 6, where it really matters for wearability, it’s a perfectly round case with some of the shortest lugs around – a design element many “historical” brands could learn from as stupid-long lugs are still very much a thing. Notably, wonderful fake Richard Mille watches are widely considered some of the most comfortable watches ever made and they either have no lugs whatsoever or very short and angled ones like we see here.

The case, like on any delicate fake Richard Mille, is unbelievably well-made. Just look at that chamfer on the titanium edge one image above, or the heads of the spline screws that hold it all together, or the polished edge around the brushed pusher, or that ridiculously complicated crown and its perfectly flush pusher. Every single piece, just as we’ll see with the movement and dial too, is crafted (or rather, for the case, CNC-milled) as though it were a custom piece – which they, come to think of it, sort of are. The case band, the pushers, the sandwiched parts of the lugs, everything is individually milled from a block of metal, never stamped.

Here’s another interesting fact to consider: with only 30 of these ever made, each case-back, case-band, crown, pusher, bezel, and any other major component ever needs to be made 30 times over and that’s it… And while that many pieces could still be much cheaper to produce with a stamp, here they are all milled for a very, very long time.

For the case, after a turning operation lasting 1 hour and 40 minutes turns a billet into a piece of metal that other machines can work on, over 800 milling operations are required, demanding nearly 11 hours of separate operations. That is intersected and followed by meticulous quality-control procedures with the last one taking a full day for each case. The five pushers, their components, and the crown of the steel case replica Richard Mille RM 039 Tourbillon Aviation E6-B require 10 days of machining, during which they undergo numerous tests for water-resistance and quality control, followed by the manual brushing and polishing of the entire case. That’s about two weeks to produce one case.

Richard Mille replica has its own case manufacture called ProArt that I visited here, but even with that capable handling of some of the brand’s extremely complex designs, there must be some suppliers needed to source the bezel, rubberized crown, and whatnot… And, since cost of manufacturing and final price has never been a limiting factor for a Richard Mille, they really can work with some of the best out there. It happens year after year with some of the quirkier mass-produced watch releases which require a special piece (maybe a special flange ring, pusher, crown, or weird logo), and said piece just stands out from the rest as the brand couldn’t find the right supplier. This is when said watches are called “a prototype” when we see it hands-on at its debut.

The RM 039 is not all looks and no performance either – it is, bar none, the single most comfortable large watch I have ever worn. Even if I had not looked at it, just the way it felt wrapping around the wrist was a joy and made it really quite hard for me to give it back – my other option was to part with my hard-earned, imaginary 1-million dollars. In all seriousness, while the case construction looks and feels like a million bucks (pun intended), I cannot accept that the overall shape and wearing comfort could not be replicated in watches offered for a lower price. On a side note, although I have said it before (and will say it again): the more a strap is integrated into the design of a case, the better chance a watch has to be comfortable on the wrist – and now, look at that super deep integration of the strap on the RM 039. Maxing out the wearing comfort is the fact that the black rubber strap fake Richard Mille RM 039 Tourbillon Aviation E6-B comes with a tang buckle, not a stupid-thick deployant clasp.

UK Exquisite Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 8 Replica Watches Review

Just when we gambled that Harry Winston might not be able to outdo its mind-boggling Histoire de Tourbillon 7 released last year, the renowned jeweler has just announced the Histoire de Tourbillon 8 – the latest in an ongoing series of tourbillon watches whose degree of complication and unconventional design seems to grow exponentially with each new addition. However, while each new entry had somehow managed to up the ante, the HDT 8 seems to recycle the bi-axial tourbillon complication of its predecessor, while now offering up a new time display with jumping hours and minutes, and some other aesthetic tweaks. It’s far less of a radical update to the HDT series than we’re used to seeing but remains impressive for the same reasons.

Now, before we get too deep into the inner workings of the Histoire de Tourbillon 8, it’s worth pointing out the obvious that white gold case replica Harry Winston might be more associated with jewelry than ultra high-end watchmaking in the minds of many. To be fair, the man (and more recently, the brand) has historically spent more time in the headlines as the jeweler of choice for the Hollywood elite, as well as former or current owner of some of the world’s most famous gemstones. The latter includes the 726-carat uncut rough diamond named “Jonker” in the mid-1930s, then the Hope Diamond in 1949, and more recently, the flawless 101.73-carat Winston Legacy. Within that timeline, Winston began selling watches in the late 1980s, but things really didn’t start to ramp up in complication until the brand opened its own manufactory in Geneva in 2007, and subsequently began producing the impressive high-complication series like the Histoire de Tourbillon, which we’re more than happy to gawk at today.

And speaking of gawking, there’s more than an eyeful to go around with the complicated movement replica Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 8 as you take in the twin bi-axial tourbillons. Now, as mentioned, this is the same complication that punctuated the previous HDT entry, but it’s back with a twist. In place of the traditional two-handed time display at the 3:00 side of the dial, we have a pair of rotating discs – hours at 1:00, and minutes at 4:00, which “jump” as each hour and minute clicks by.

But the real story here, as it was with the HDT 7, is the twin tourbillons. Granted, little has changed since we last saw them – but the execution is still mind-bendingly complex, and a treat to behold, particularly when juxtaposed against a less traditional timekeeping display – an aesthetic that seems to more neatly fit the overall nü-industrial vibe of the watch. To the left of the time display dance the tourbillons – each of which completes a rotation on a 30-degree inclined axis. Nestled between that rotational movement, a second cage turns on its own axis, completing a rotation every 45 seconds. Within the latter, the balance wheel maintains a steady tempo of 21,600vph, throughout the watch’s power reserve of around 55 hours (indicated by the cone at 6:00).

The whole concept behind a tourbillon itself is to minimize gravity’s influence on the balance wheel, by actively subjecting it to the widest variety of movement positions possible. By putting the tourbillon on a second axis, and then doubling the complication itself, the balance wheel is placed within an exponentially greater number of positions, thereby theoretically yielding an even higher level of chronometric performance.

What makes the wizardry of the black leather strap fake Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 8 so interesting, though, is not just that we have two independently operating tourbillons, both operating on two axes each, but that their mechanical operation results in a single time measurement. To ensure the accuracy of this single measurement, the HDT 8 employs a spherical differential, which maintains an average between the two – an average which is displayed in the form of the time to the right of the dial.

The case of the HDT 8 itself is made of white gold, the rotating time discs from aluminum, and the tourbillon cages and movement bridges from titanium. Dimension-wise, the delicate fake Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 8 carries its case sizing over from the HDT 7, which is by no means small: 51mm by 17mm. But bear in mind that the calibre HW4503 that houses the twin tourbillons (each of which contains 117 components alone) is 43mm on its own. Large? Yes, but at least there’s a justifiably large amount to look at here, even if it’s a far cry from being legible. In addition to the tourbillons dancing the hours away, the dial itself is a sight to behold – comprised of a single component with 13 different textured elements. Each of these textures is executed through a different finishing technique – from sanded, grained, and satin textures, to the complex honeycomb and engraved script pattern at 12:00.

UK Delicate IWC Portugieser Chronograph Classic Replica Watches With Calibre 89361 Movement

IWC replica has released an updated successor for the fake IWC Portugieser Chronograph Classic, a watch well-known for its unique chronograph totalizer display, in-house movement, and sporty yet elegant design. The new reference 3903 replaces the reference 3904, with several subtle design changes and updates which help improve the overall aesthetic of the watch.

The Portugieser line (formerly called Portuguese) was considered to be large-sized watches when launched in the 1930s. However, at 42mm, the new black leather strap replica IWC Portugieser Chronograph Classic is about the median by today’s standards. Offered in either stainless steel or rose gold, the case is elegant with a touch of sportiness thanks to the broad, double-stepped case and round chronograph pushers. In addition, the watch is also available in two dial colors: silver and blue. Both dial colors are available in the stainless steel option but the rose-gold is only offered with a silver dial. While all three options work well, my personal favorite is the stainless steel with silver dial and the heat-blued hands.


The highlight of the watch is the in-house chronograph movement with chronograph hours and minutes displayed at 12 o’clock and including a flyback function. The caliber 89361 is part of the 89000 family of IWC movements, some of which are found in halo offerings such as the fake IWC Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month. The calibre 89361 is manufactured in-house, offers a 68-hour power reserve, and can be seen in all its Geneva-striped glory through the display caseback. The skeletonized and decorated rotor also helps reveal as much of the chronograph mechanism as possible for the owner’s viewing pleasure.

On the dial side, we have a two-register layout with running seconds at 6 o’clock and, unique to this movement, a combined totalizer for chronograph hours and minutes at 12 o’clock. The familiar way of displaying the hours and minutes makes reading the elapsed chronograph time easier and more intuitive. In the images here, for example, the elapsed time would be 10 hours, 9 minutes, and 23 seconds. The dial of this gold case fake IWC is completed by a railway track chapter ring, date window, applied Arabic numeral indexes, and elegant minute and hour leaf-shaped hands.

The color of the indexes and hands differ and are designed to contrast with the dial color. The stainless-steel with silver dial has blue indexes with heat-blued steel hands, while the blue dial has polished steel hands with silver indexes. The rose-gold watch, of course, has gold hands and indexes. This is the most noticeable change from the predecessor which had silver indexes and hour and minute hands on a silver dial. This change is definitely an improvement and enhances the aesthetics and, more importantly, the legibility of the dial.

While the blue steel pointer replica IWC Portugieser Chronograph Classic ships with an alligator leather strap, black for stainless steel variants and brown for rose-gold, it is likely to also pair well with more casual straps making it a versatile daily wearer that plays well with both formal and more casual attire.

White Pointer UK Replica Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 Limited Edition Watches Review

Earlier this year, Seiko replica introduced two “limited edition” watches to their Prospex line, the Blue Lagoon SRPB11 “Turtle” and SRPB09 “Samurai.” The new Turtle is similar to the SRP777 we reviewed here but it is the SRPB09 Samurai that grabbed my attention. The original fake Seiko Samurai watch was introduced in 2004, only to be discontinued a few years later. One of the less common “nicknamed” Seikos, I was thrilled to see that the Samurai was making a comeback (in blue, nonetheless). It’s funny, but when I got this watch I wasn’t actively looking at watches to buy, much less divers.

Oddly, perhaps, I always seem to inadvertently have a blue Seiko dive watch in my rotation. I had a Seiko SNZH53 to quench that thirst and while that is a great value watch, it lacked some refinement in the design and finish, and so was slowly falling out of my usual rotation. When I saw the blue dial fake Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 and finally came across one for sale, the design, famed Prospex quality, and reasonably affordable price point worked in tandem to push me over the edge.

The original Samurai (SBDA003) was produced from 2004-2008 and the watch’s moniker was derived from its handset which resembled a Samurai’s sword. Though this handset has been replaced in the SRPB09, the angular lines of the case, specifically the unique lugs, have been retained from the original Samurai. This watch combines all the elements that made the Prospex line famous; history, reliability, great value, and a unique case design that I’ve always loved and admired. Though I also quite like the Turtle cushion case, for me, there’s nothing like this angular classic design.

The stainless steel case clocks in at 43.8mm wide and 13mm thick which is par for the course for Seiko divers. While this is quite large, the watch was designed to be a tool watch and the priority during a dive is legibility of the dial/bezel. You’ll be happy to hear, however, that for the average desk diver like me, the watch wears small and quite comfortably, thanks to the short, slanted lugs. My wrist is 7″ around, which should give you an idea of how the watch would wear.

The bezel is anodized aluminum and 120-click, unidirectional with excellent grip. While I am not a diver, I do live in the cold (and landlocked) Midwestern United States and the bezel had plenty of grip even with a couple of layers of gloves on. I’m also happy to report that the bezel pip lines up nicely with the middle of the 12’o clock marker, something my SNZH53 Seiko 5 just couldn’t seem to do. The crystal is flat Hardlex and the watch has a solid steel Tsunami caseback, with a “LIMITED EDITION” engraving. Besides the angular lugs, the other notable features on the luminous scale replica Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 are the screw-down crown and the drilled lugs. The drilled lugs are a blessing for someone prone to frequent strap changes, and the screw-down crown is well proportioned with a texture that helps add visual interest and improve grip, and the crown guards ensure the overall design remains coherent. While neither drilled lugs or a screw-down crown are rare or unique to the wonderful replica Seiko, they serve as good examples of how this watch marries form and function.

The highlight of this brown leather strap fake Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 watch is, of course, the color scheme. The bezel is two shades, with the first 15 minutes in a turquoise blue while the rest of it is a more familiar deep blue that we’ve seen in several other Seiko offerings. The dial is similar to the dark blue of the bezel but has a semi-glossy finish that makes it wonderfully multi-faceted – so much so that I spent several minutes in the sunlight enjoying the interaction between the light and the dial. Head-on or in shade, the dial looks matte but there is a sunburst quality to it when light strikes it from an angle.

The replica Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 has only a date window, leaving out the day of the week. No complaints from me as I’m someone who prefers to have no day/date window at all if given the choice, but it’s at least not as distracting to the dial’s symmetry. The hands for this delicate fake Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 are very similar if not the same as those on the Seiko Monster line, which are super legible and do the job very well, not leaving much to be desired. The lume, which is Seiko’s proprietary LumiBrite compound, is one of the best I’ve seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if the watch could ruin your circadian rhythm while sitting on your bedside. It also fades in an almost linear fashion and keeps the dial legible for plenty of time. I had no trouble checking the time even at the end of a two-and-a-half-hour movie.

White Dial Replica Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia Watches Recommend To You

Omega says the idea for the Seamaster’s sea horse logo came when one of fake Omega’s designers visited Venice and saw the gondolas adorned with this fascinating animal – he liked the possible connection with it and the Seamaster and, since 1957, the Seahorse emblem has been associated with this collection.

While self-proclaimed fake Omega historians will certainly know of a few vintage fake Omega Seamasters from the mid-1900s, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most replica Omega fans and buyers today think not of a vintage dress watch when they hear the word Seamaster. Yet, this new-for-2017 piece shares numerous design elements with Seamasters of old, reminding everyone that the fake Omega with Caliber 8801 has not always been about chunky, sporty, and colorful. It goes to show that, if you think about it, not only is Omega itself a very versatile and complex brand, but even its collections can be a bit all over the place sometimes.

While you could consider this another 60th-anniversary tribute, I think the new Sedna gold replica Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia should really just be left alone to be what it actually is: a heavily vintage-inspired, retro-looking dress watch, something that’s been missing from Omega’s stable for some time now. The Globemaster is available in steel but is more modern in its design, even if it is not without its own vintage-tribute details.

The delicate fake Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia has a domed, silvery, off-white dial with applied indices, Omega logo and text, and a pair of thin, polished leaf-style hands – all of this is in 18k Sedna gold on both model variants. Legibility, because the dials appear to be more satin than shiny, should be alright – it would have been sad to see this piece ruined by the horribly illegible combination of a shiny dial and shiny, skinny hands. Love it or hate it, there is also a subtle date aperture at six, maintaining the symmetry of the dial.

Over the dial is a domed sapphire crystal that should add more depth to the skinny-looking watch – no official figures on thickness but considering the basic functionality of the movement and the small diameter of the case, we’d be surprised if this was a burger. Water resistance is an ample 60 meters or 200 feet, not bad for a gold dress watch and just enough that you never have to worry about it.

Exposed via the laser-engraved sapphire case-back is the fake Omega Caliber 8801, an automatic Co-Axial movement boasting METAS-approved quality control and a resistance to magnetic fields reaching 15,000 gauss. The gold version will come with an 18k Sedna gold balance bridge and oscillating weight. Power reserve is 55 hours which isn’t bad considering the relatively small size of the case and, therefore, movement.